FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Title fraud is a type of real estate fraud in which a person or group of people use false or stolen identity to assume ownership of a property without the knowledge or consent of the rightful owner.

Title fraud can occur in a number of ways, including through the use of forged documents, identity theft, or impersonation of the rightful property owner.

The consequences of title fraud can be severe, including financial loss, legal disputes, and damage to credit and reputation.

One way to protect yourself from title fraud is to regularly monitor your property titles and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Our title monitoring service is a service that regularly checks public records for changes or updates to the title of a property, and alerts the property owner to any potential fraud or other issues.

Our title monitoring service uses public records and other data sources to regularly check for changes to a property’s title. If any suspicious or unexpected changes are detected, the service will alert the property owner.

Your investment to our Canada Title Monitoring subscription is just $249 annually.

Yes, we’ll automatically renew your service every year so you can feel secure that your title is always being protected.

No problem, just send us an email to team@canadatitlemonitoring.ca and we’ll end your subscription. 

We will monitor your title and send a report every 6 months with current title summary and any important information or changes.